Brain tumor-symptoms ,causes &Treatment

Brain tumor
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What is brain tumors?

A brain tumor is a collection, or mass of abnormal cells within the brain. There are several types of brain tumor. Brain tumor are often cancerous that’s (Malignant) or noncancerous (Begnin). Brain tumor are often identified as primary brain tumour or secondary brain tumor. primary brain tumour s are Begnin and secondary brain tumour also referred to as Metastatic brain tumor. It can occur within the brain when the cancer cells spread to the brain from the opposite organ, like breast,kidney,colon and therefore the lungs.

Brain tumor
Brain tumor

Types of brain tumors?

1.Primary brain tumors.

*It can be originate in the brain.

*Primary brain tumor can be develop from the

  • Brain cells
  • Glands
  • Nerve cells
  • The membrane that surround the brain, which are called as meninges.

*Primary brain tumour is additionally called as Begnin or Cancerous.

*In adults most common types of brain tumors are

  • Glimas
  • Meningiomas

*Other,primary brain tumors are include,

  • Primary germs cells tumors of brain-which are often Begnin or Malignant.
  • Primary central nervous system lymphomas-which are malignant.
  • Ependymomas-which can be usually Begnin.
  • Pituitary tumors-which are usually Begnin.

2.Secondary brain tumors.

*Secondary type of brain tumors mostly cause more cancer.

*It can be get started in to the any one part of the body and spread to the brain include,

  • lung cancer
  • skin cancer
  • breast cancer
  • kidney cancer

What are the symptoms of brain tumors?

*Symptoms of the brain tumor mostly depend on the area, location and the size.

*Common symptoms of brain tumor are

  1. Headache-it can be worse in the morning during wake up, and during sleeping,coughing, sneezing or worse during exercise.
  2. vomiting and nausea
  3. memory loss
  4. confusion
  5. changes in speech,vision or hearing
  6. tremors
  7. tingling in the arm or leg
  8. numbness
  9. vertigo and dizziness
  10. difficulty in walking
  11. hearing problem
  12. muscle jerk or twitching

What are the risk factors of brain tumors?

*Risk factor include,

Famaily history: here only 5 to10% of all cancer are generally inherited or hereditary. *you can talk to your doctor, if you diagnosed or know the person with brain tumors.
Age: Most types of brain tumor increase with age.
Race: Brain tumors are more coomon among caucasian.
Exposure to radiation: The people who have been exposed to ionizing radiation have increased brain tumors.

How to diagnosed a brain tumors?

1.Physical examination

*To diagnosed a brain tumor begnin with a physcial exams and by knowing the medical history.

*Physcial exam include, detailed neurological examination.

*Here, doctor will test to see whether your cranial nerves are intact.

*Because, these is a nerve originate in brain.

*Doctor can also check your eye to see any swelling of the optic nerve.

*He can also look your eyes with ophthalmoscope to see your pupil or retina.

*check muscle strength.



*Ability to do mathematical calculation.


*Here some special types of dyes is injected into a blood vessels in arm or hand to get difference in tissue , which will show abnormal area.

MRI Brain tumor


*Here X-ray machine is connected to a computer to take a different type of detailed picture of your head.

*They will give injection into the blood vessel in arm or hand.


*Here dye injected into the blood stream to make blood vessel to show x-ray.

*X-ray show if tumor is present.

What are thr treatment of brain tumors?

*For the treatment of brain tumor there are various options are available.

*This options are include,

  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Choice of treatment depend on the following

*Choice of treatment depend on the following

  1. Type and the level of brain tumor.
  2. Size.
  3. Location.
  4. Age and Health.


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